Hi my name is Marquee aka Infy and I am the CEO of Flatline Productions; a company idea I developed when I was in high school. Flatline Studios put's out all sorts of productions and events for the Mass, Ri, New England areas with  grand plans on expanding. Productions in the works, everything from Movies, to Documentarys, Photography, Animations, Music Productions, Radio Productions, Live Shows, Citcoms, and so many more ideas we have going on at FPS. Smaller donations from  larger amounts of people will go further than huge donations from a small amount of people. Every cent or dollar donated to the Flatline Foundation will help launch off this company and you will see results as we will update everyone on how much we raise as donations come in. We are also looking for charities to donate a percentage of what we get depending on how much money we can raise, and we are utilizing other ways to raise money aside from this. Figured I'd give this go fund me a try.  Visit to see more of what we're working on, if you want to inform me about a donation contact

Thanks for the support
-Flatline Productions Studios

Your donation can make a difference in an artists life, and also go to a good cause!!!
Ok so I created a go fund me account, don't judge me!!! lol I've seen people raise money on there for playstation 4's, Vacations , and every other thing!!! At least people will see anything donated will go to all the hard work we put out there, and once we start receiving donations we will pick charities every month or so to donate a percentage too!!! Check it out! $1 could go a long way, share this with you're friends and help us make more of these projects possible this summer!!! No matter what the ‪#‎IMpulse‬ is dropping ‪#‎Summer2015‬
-flatline pro CEO infy

Hey Guys!!!
Getting in to entertainment is a lot of work, :/ especially when your a college student, a small budget can go a long way. At Flatline we have a lot of the blue prints, we just need some funds to put some of these plans in action. Every dollar will go to a peice of equipment, studio time, setting up a show, video productions, and even other charities! Any cent could help!

Thanks - Flatline Productions Studios

If you would like to donate to the Flatline Foundation but don't want to use Fill out the form below and we can arrange a different way like; via check by mail, pay pal, etc. for example.

If you are part of an organization and would like to be considered for one of our charity campaigns, fill out the form below, and we can arrange something!

We're Looking forward to helping some other organizations too!!!

thank you :)

-Flatline Productions

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